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We are a data-driven growth team for hire

Drive growth with data

You’re an established business or successful startup with aggressive growth goals, but haven’t quite found the data-driven team and toolset you need to execute.

We help you accelerate revenue by designing, implementing and optimizing your entire customer funnel through a state-of-the-art marketing technology stack.

What We Do ↓

We help you build a data-driven growth engine

Then hand it back to your internal team

Whether you're starting from ground zero or dealing with FrankenSalesforce, we'll help you build a growth engine with clean, portable data. We think about our work in three broad categories: design, implementation and optimization.


Using the right tool for the job is imperative. In today's world, though, the right tool changes as a company grows.

Instead of shiny new (expensive) tools, we put portable data at the center and build a roadmap for how the toolset will change over time. In most cases we can start with inexpensive, open source tools as the first step in a tooling roadmap.

Attribution modeling and data structure
Marketing and data tooling roadap
Customer journey mapping


Having a plan is great, but someone has to call actual events with code and route them to data warehouses, marketing software and reporting tools. Our team of engineers have deep experience connecting all of the pipes.

Tooling and integrations setup
Automated Business Intelligence + Reporting
Connecting marketing + sales teams via data
Product launch management + tracking


Once the engine is built and running, it's time to implement a test-driven framework for optimizing every part of the funnel. Our seasoned team of executors will help build and run the optimization plan, then train your team to take it over.

Test-driven media planning
Conversion rate optimization
Solving churn + optimizing LTV
Fractional Chief Growth Officer + CMO services

We aren't afraid of your current tooling setup

We've worked with almost all of the major marketing software tools out there and are constantly testing and evaluating new ones. No matter the state of your marketing tech stack, we're comfortable diving in.

One of our passions is helping companies put together roadmaps for data and marketing tooling that scale, both in terms of cost and the complexity of the business. That allows for cost-effective growth in the short-term and a clear plan for augmenting the system to accommodate more complexity (and budget).

    Adobe Marketing Cloud
    Salesforce Marketing Cloud
    Oracle Marketing Cloud
    SQL and SQL databases
    Google BigQuery
    Amazon Redshift
    HubSpot Marketing
    HubSpot CRM
    HubSpot Sales
    Facebook Blueprint
    Google AdWords
    Google AdWords Display
    Google AdWords Mobile
    Google AdWords Shopping
    Google AdWords Video
    Google Analytics
    Heap Analytics
    Google Tag Manager
    Google Optimize
    Optimizely Full Stack
CRM / Sales

Case Studies

WeWork designs and builds physical and virtual shared spaces and office services for entrepreneurs and companies. Our team helped guide growth strategy and execution across multiple business units of an education-focused company WeWork acquired.

Bring Fido is the #1 pet travel site in the world. Our team guided their founders through the selection of a modern marketing tech stack, then built and executed a comprehensive testing framework for both driving customer acquisition and increasing lifetime value.

Sentio combines artificial intelligence and mental makeup analyses to help companies reduce turnover, increase productivity and build their best teams. Our growth experts helped plan and execute a series of test designed to benchmark and forecast CMP, CTR, CPC and CPL, the associated conversion rates and, ultimately, the time to break-even for converted customers across a variety of channels.

Baseball Factory helps student-athletes achieve their dreams of playing college baseball. Our team helped them wrangle, clean and query millions of mis-matched historical data points, then analyze the results to build a clearer picture of their customer journey and key conversion events.

About us

What makes Yield Group different?

We'll be the first to admit that some companies can (and do) accomplish all of these things internally…eventually. What we see most often, though, is a struggle to hire the right people, allocate the resources, or learn enough quickly enough to build a data-driven customer experience program in a reasonable amount of time.

Yield is uniquely positioned to help you shorten that learning curve and save time and money in the process, then bring everything back in-house. Here are a few things that our clients have said have been game changers in working with us:

Expertise. Data and marketing technology is a wild west and you can waste time and money in a hurry. We've built systems from the ground up and rescued companies from FrankenSalesforce nightmares. In short, we know what works and what will cause problems in the future.

Capacity. Hiring is incredibly difficult, especially for data and marketing roles. Even if you know exactly what needs to happen, having immediate execution can be the difference between hitting goals or not.

Platform agnostic. No matter the current state of your martech stack, we can help you both improve within your current system and build a plan for modifying and augmenting it as you grow.

Build-to-own. Our goal isn't a long-term retainer. Our goal is to help you build a revenue acceleration engine, then help you take it in-house so it's run by your team. That's what we wanted in our past companies, and that's what we provide to all of our clients.

Oh, we almost forgot. We train apprentices for hire. At Yield Group, we are passionate about mentorship and run a top-notch apprenticeship program.

Instead of creating artificial talent scarcity, we encourage our clients to hire apprentices—trained by our senior experts—who already have a deep understanding of their data and marketing efforts and experience with the team. Ultimately, our apprenticeship program helps our clients grow their business and their marketing team at the same time.

Our team

At heart, everyone on our team is an incredibly curious scientist, whether they came from a world-renowned marketing agency or a software engineering role. Our seniors have held leadership roles in a variety of industries, from software to education to wholesale manufacturing, and at all types of companies, from startups to Fortune 500s. Having done the work ourselves for years, we're passionate about helping great companies grow.

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