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Yield Group at Front End Design Conference 2019

Here are resources from my talk at the 2019 Front End Design Conference in St. Petersburg, FL

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Thanks for attending my talk at the 2019 Front End Design Conference (and thanks to Dan, Gene and the crew for inviting me!).

Here are a few resources that I mentioned in the talk:

  • Article about design and features not being enough: Why Rdio died
  • Article about growth teams and segmenting users for maximum impact in testing: How to build a growth team – lessons from Uber, Hubspot, and others (50 slides)
  • Funnel math worksheet - this is a simple worksheet that will help you understand the ‘formula to revenue’ for your business. This particular example is for an eCommerce company, but the same principles apply to all businesses. If you want to dig deeper, check out David Skok’s amazing article, SaaS Metrics 2.0. The content is focused on startup software businesses, but again, the fundamental math is generally applicable.
  • Basic UTM tagger - This is the simplest way to start tagging your inbound and paid efforts. Beware, though, tagging at scale becomes unruly very quickly. If you want to learn more, we wrote an entire blog post about the complexity of tagging what is called first-touch data.

I truly enjoy digging into these topics and being as helpful as I can. Feel free to reach out to me directly. You can send me an email or tweet.

And last, but not least, here’s the deck, which leverages my famous “mutt” design system (wherein I pull slides from a bunch of different decks and don’t re-format anything):

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